Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spreadin' some Love

I spread a little love around today. This card is a card i made for my bank teller and his wife. They just had a Baby Girl, Sophia.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day....early

So today I got to thinking how people tend to forget the one's that served. Whether they were in a war or not they served. That being said I made my father and father-in-law a card today to let them know we were thinking of them. Here's a pic of the front and then one up close on the details. Hope you like them....my daddy will always be my HERO.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Has it really been since August since I posted. WOW!!! Well, I'm now 28 and my business is getting a little busier. I finally go to meet my upline who is out of this world wonderful!!! I guess I'll get on here and post some pics....I've been busy busy busy in the last few months stay tuned.

but 1st i want you to just LOOK AT MY SSSSHHHHHHICKEN....that's how she says it

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i've been a little busy....

let's see i started a two page layout....then i decided to BUST my hump cleaning my kitchen and bathroom....the right way (God love my hubbie). then i went to lunch with Laura...my sis in law...then i had the GREAT idea to scrapbook on sat. mind you i still hadn't finished the first two page layout. when we get together i still don't work on the two pages i start something new and it takes me about 12 hours to get this very simple layout done LOL we were talking and cooking up a storm LOL any who i finally got finished and here they are...

the first two are the one i worked on with Laura....these are not CTMH papers but i did you CTMH rubons and ink. this is of course me and my sis in law Laura

WAIT....COULD'IT...I THINK IT COULD...i finally got these two finished....YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!these two are using the serendipity paper pack (retired :( ) i decided that i need to work on the family album for the year of aubrie's first year or i'll never get her babie book finished and get everything in it so i'm going to thin out her babie book as i do the family book so i know i'll have enough room to put everything in it hope you like the layouts i'm quite fond of them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so many pics of cute faces....

this was right when she was starting to prop herself up on her arms on the floor and look around. i have soooooo many pics of her faces that she would make....she's a silly girl.

scrapbook challenge 15

here's my layouts i used our more to adore paper....i had LOTS of fun doing these two. my aubrie will be 2 in november and it seems like yesterday she would sleep on my chest just about all day long. my babie girl is getting sooooo big sooooooo fast...sniff sniff...i should do a page of her now so you all can see....her babie book is soooooooooooooooooo far behind LOL trying to get it finished

Saturday, July 11, 2009

must get focused

ok so here i am staring at my scrap table...cause i'm not one of the lucky ones with a whole room....and i want to scrap but i have to clean off my table...but i don't want to clean off my table....does anyone have any fairies they would loan me to clean my scrap space LOL...hey depending on how well she does i may let her do my house before i drop a bomb on it LOL i'm soooooo unmotivated

on another note....UFC 100 tonight...so very excited yes i'm a girlie girl BUT my hubbie likes it and i thought it would be all fake like WWE but it's not so i'm very excited to get with everyone tonight and watch the fights....well probably more fun watching the guys watch the fight LOL....ANYWHO must go make some dip....mmmmmmm fiesta ranch dip yyyyyyyuuuuuuuuummmmmmm YUM!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

card for my real mom

this is a card i made for some one i wish i was closer to. i hope she liked it.

i had to show a close up of the coolest tool i've bought in a long time this is a punch made by martha stewart (ACK!!!)

Daughter's of the King

these are some invites that i made for some wonderful little girls at church for a "princess" day the ladies of the church have planned for them i made 30 blonds, brunettes, and red headed little princesses. stamped them all colored them then cut them out. i used happy endings stamp set and daydream paper pack. my hand is really really sore!!! :o)

Brag Book

this is a brag book i made a dear friend of mine who was having her 5th grand baby. i used the emporium paper pack and my cricut and various stamp sets all close to my heart

cards and prayer journal

this is a gift i made for our preachers daughter. she was pregnant with triplets then we all found out that she lost the two girls and had to carry her little boy as long as she could

she just had her little boy on this past monday and he's breathing on his own and is a little over 3 pounds.....anywho instead of making her its a boy cards or buying her something for the babies when we didn't know if he was even going to make it i decided she could always use thank you cards and a prayer journal for the time that she was going through.

4 months

this is a two page layout i did for my babie girls album using the daydream paper pack and stickease and happy endings stamp set.

3 months

this is a two page layout of my babie girl using the emporium paper pack and life's a jungle and rubbons...there's also two hidden pics under some hinges hehehe....i love hidden stuff

address book

this is a thank you gift i made for my first hostess of a gathering....luckily it was my sister in law (i just love her soooooooo much) i used our key to my heart paper pack (promotional paper) and butterfly wings stamp set (stamp of the month) and friendship alphabet (retired)
it's an address book....you know i don't even think she uses it LOL

1st road trip

this was aubrie's first road trip to PA to see her grand pop and grand mom. she was 3 months old it was some time around valentine's day. we surprised my dad he had NOOOOO idea we were coming. i used sonata (retired) paper pack and headline alphabet stamp set and the white daisy mini medley set

the prettiest babie EVER!!!!

i don't just say this cause she is mine.....well maybe hehehe...she is 2 months here and in her daddie's hands. i used rubbons, more to adore paper pack and stickease, big pinks flowers and pretty pins

my talented Sister In Law

this is my sister and brother in laws valentine weekend in the mountains. she used the emporium paper pack, connections stamp set, rubbons, post it stamp set and matching inks.....ISN'T SHE SO TALENTED :o)


this is a happy book that i made for a dear friend of mine for her birthday...this is not close to my heart products but i just loved this paper.....this is cosmo criket

connections club card holder

this is a card holder i made out of coasters i wanted a creative way to store my connections club cards...by the way you fill one up you get a free gift from me...i used sonata paper pack (retired) and coordinating ink and organdy ribbon.

squash book for grandmom

this is a squash book i made for my mom for her to carry around with pics of her grandbabies in....i already put aubrie in it. i believe i used k and company and i used foundary book plates from close to my heart

squashbookin' again

this was another squash book i made and i believe i ended up giving it to the at&t man to give to his wife. i hope she liked it

happy birthday daddie

this is the birthday card i made for my dad this year....and guess what??? i used emporium paper AGAIN lol who'd a thunk it

daydream layout for party

this is a layout i did at a gathering where i showed the ladies how to do a scrapbook page....they all thought the picture was funny....my hubbie is silly

my desk caddie

here's my desk caddie...and you'll never guess what i made it out of....coasters and yes i used the creative basics emporium paper pack and the bird basics stamp set and rubbons

Picture Frame

i made this picture frame from scratch. i used chipboard then i covered it with our unforgettable paper pack and the aspiration stamp set and some brads. you can pull the quote at the top and put a new pic in when ever you're ready to change it.