Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i've been a little busy....

let's see i started a two page layout....then i decided to BUST my hump cleaning my kitchen and bathroom....the right way (God love my hubbie). then i went to lunch with sis in law...then i had the GREAT idea to scrapbook on sat. mind you i still hadn't finished the first two page layout. when we get together i still don't work on the two pages i start something new and it takes me about 12 hours to get this very simple layout done LOL we were talking and cooking up a storm LOL any who i finally got finished and here they are...

the first two are the one i worked on with Laura....these are not CTMH papers but i did you CTMH rubons and ink. this is of course me and my sis in law Laura

WAIT....COULD'IT...I THINK IT COULD...i finally got these two finished....YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!these two are using the serendipity paper pack (retired :( ) i decided that i need to work on the family album for the year of aubrie's first year or i'll never get her babie book finished and get everything in it so i'm going to thin out her babie book as i do the family book so i know i'll have enough room to put everything in it hope you like the layouts i'm quite fond of them.

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